Heads up on news and events from the MEERQAT team.

New MEERQAT features released

We are pleased to announce some handy new features in the MEERQAT application. In the Basemap Builder, there is now a separate node type for "Outputs", allowing users to distinguish...

Improving the way we improve things

It’s the start of a new year and once again we exhort ourselves to do something – or many things – better than we did last year. Of course, this usually...

New library basemap for change management

A new basemap for reviewing change processes has been added to the MEERQAT basemap library. The Change Management basemap is a 14-node process map that shows the generic aspects of...

How structured conversations can improve quality and safety

In recent months, we have seen numerous examples of human service systems that have failed – sometimes catastrophically and with deadly consequences. With all the emphasis on quality in recent decades,...

MEERQAT in action: Improving patient identification and procedure matching

MEERQAT team member Annie Curtin shares a great outcome that a client health service has achieved using the MEERQAT basemap on Patient Identification (Standard 5 of the national quality standards)...

Upgrades to BPCLEtool indicator monitoring functionality

MEERQAT Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the first of three upgrades to the indicator monitoring functionality in BPCLEtool. This first round of upgrades introduces a more...

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