Heads up on news and events from the MEERQAT team.

Feature release - hyperlinks in node descriptions

Have you ever wanted to add some ancilliary material to a node in a MEERQAT basemap, like a policy document, indicator form or data spreadsheet? Now you can with a...

Feature release - PDF reports

Under MEERQAT's Reports page, users have always been able to generate informative on-screen reports for viewing the polls, consensus ratings and comments of single assessments, as well as comparing multiple...

Feature release - swim lanes and node ordering

Swim lanes are useful for subdividing the nodes of a basemap into sub-processes or by personal or group responsibilities, as shown for instance in the staff recruitment map above. MEERQAT...

Revised Health Care Quality Standards

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care have recently published a second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. All health services will...

Feature release - assessment and basemap grouping

  MEERQAT has various ways to sort and filter assessment, basemap and user tables, including sorting by name, email, creation date and state, and filtering by name, tags and archive...

Feature release - custom node types

Because you asked for it, we’ve released a new MEERQAT feature for creating custom node types in the Basemap Builder. In addition to MEERQAT’s six standard nodes (input,...

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