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New BPCLEtool features released

Upgrades to MEERQAT's BPCLEtool application were released this week.

BPCLEtool, a bespoke application of the MEERQAT concept that was specifically designed to assist health services implement the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment (BPCLE) Framework, was first launched in 2013. Since then, the tool has undergone a couple of major upgrades, including the addition of indicator monitoring functionality in 2014.

The most recent release brings the latest MEERQAT features into BPCLEtool, including:

  • Automated node ordering during the self-assessment step
  • Tailored rating options for each node, and
  • Significant improvements to the action planning functionality.

Further upgrades for BPCLEtool, mainly to improve data entry and reporting for the indicator monitoring functionality, are due for release in July.

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